Girl Lived on 3 Apples a Day for 8 Months! 5 Years Later This is What she Looks Like!

Victoire Macon Dauxerre is an 18-year-old high school student from France.  Victoire has been very busy studying for the upcoming final exams. One day, she decided to give herself a break and go shopping with her mom in order to relax. However, she didn’t know that this day would be a turning point in her life and that it would turn her life into a nightmare.

She was spotted by a modeling agency in one of the malls. Even though her dream was to study at Sciences Pro, an eminent University in Paris, she somehow let herself involve in the world of glitter, believing that that it was something that every teenager girl wants! However, very soon after joining the Elite modeling agency, her life dramatically changed.

Victoire found herself trapped in a world where thin bodies dominate. As she explains, “nobody told me I had to lose weight. But I was told: in September, you’ll be doing the Fashion Weeks, the clothes are size 32-34, and you’ll have to fit in them.”