3-Day Diet To Reduce Belly Bloat

Let’s face it, engaging in social festivities during any season is a tough time to eat cleanly and make good choices. But with a little forethought, we can set the stage for success. No matter where you live in the world or what holiday you celebrate, I want to give you the simple steps you need to face temptation and not gain weight.

Some of us do not need a birthday party or holiday to be tempted by food because we work in an office where parties are often thrown, treats are brought in, or there’s even a candy bowl filled and available at all times.

You may be a person who travels or attends lots of functions or cocktail parties for work — and you just cannot figure out how to say no to all the goodies.

I am here to walk you step-by-step through a little something I call “how to make it work in the real world when temptation is everywhere.”

Let me first say this: Life is not about deprivation and constantly saying no to sweet treats. It is about balancing the yes and the no so we stay happy, healthy, feeling good, sexy, and free of health issues.

I work with busy people who have forgotten what balance looks like on their plates and in their lives. Below is the exact info I give my clients — I hope it helps you just as much as it has helped them become more aware of their food choices.


  • Attending a cocktail party or a wedding